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Marauder Stun Break and Companion Creation


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Okay, so with the amount of how much I get stunned in pvp, is ridiculous. The marauder class in general needs for either A) It's only stun breakout ability to last much longer or B) More stun breakout abilities. I would be fine with either one because when I fight against someone and those people use whatever stun breakout abilities they have, it's like it feels it lasts for a whole 5 minutes. I use mine and breakout of like a force choke to then instantly get stunned again by lightning or whatever. It's rather infuriating.


Companion Creation.

I think it would be cool to be able to create-your-own-companion feature. Of course it would probably be needed to set up through being bought with Cartel Coins. Now these Companions wouldn't have a story unless the Devs decided to make it so. As for me, in an early thread I had mentioned cross-over companions, like from different characters. Of course this would only be enabled if all the companions storylines were completed. Me, I would like to have Togruta companion for my Marauder characters and a Zabrak companion for my Bounty Hunter.


The character creation of the companions would be set up just like if you were creating a character for yourself along with designating what class type said companion would be and their name. Romancing would be allowed along with "marriage" but if your main character is already "married" I would say that a companion reset device should be made and it can be used to start over a companion's affection level. For the created companion, affection level would play into action for marriage, gifts, raising affection, etc. Along with this idea, it could open up the possibilities of future races being for our own character creation. Which ever comes first really.


Now I know some may support one or the other, maybe both. Some will not like either, others may really like both ideas, and other people will pitch the ideas/tweaks to this overall. So lets me hear your thoughts.

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