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Offer an alternative to running absolete Ops for 2,9 crafting mats.


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Why make players grind an obsolete Ops for crafting mats? There is no other reward. The gear is out of date, and many people have run that Ops to the point of utter boredom. Couldn't you provide an additional schematic and mats that dropped from current Ops? At least people could gear up while they were hoping for a RNG win on some crafting mats.

Not only that, but you removed the OPs that offer Class 7 exotic mats from the group finder, making it even more difficult for players.


Not to mention PvP'ers are again out of luck. Bioware should make these materials available by trading in pvp comms as well as PvE'ers being able to trade in Elite (or even Basic) comms.


Come on Bioware, get with it. Someone didn't think this through.

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