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Instance Change HUD Bug


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Changing instances to join a groupmate almost always causes health bars, names, and targetting to disappear. Even that little red arrow goes away. I can't tell which I'm targetting without hitting them, their health bar isn't there, and their name is gone. It's not a 100% thing, but it's become so absolutely prevalent that my girlfriend and I absolutely do not change instances any more. We use our ship pass and then load the planet again that way. We the have to travel back to where the other one is waiting. And, the way the game is, when it sees 2 people from the same guild logging on at the same time, it feels the unjustifiable need to place us on different instance if it is at all possible. This means we have to do this instance bug correction every time we, for example, log into a character pair we're leveling.


This is an MMO. It should be easy to play the game with a friend, not annoying and full of concessions.

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