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Spinning in place (in circles) after using Force Camoflague


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So this is really, really annoying me. I have everything on my sentinel bound, and I'm in the habit of moving around a lot when I use my abilities which I will not stop doing. Now, when I engage force camouflage to drop aggro I'm OFTEN stuck spinning in place. Like, with no hands on my mouse or keyboard my character will just be standing there spinning in place. It makes it really annoying when I'm trying to do anything because I'm constantly fighting against it - can't use master strike cause the movement breaks the cast, can't loot anything, etc. etc.

The only thing that stops it is dying, re-zoning, or re-logging from what I can tell.


My mouse is a razor naga and the keys I have bound to force camoflague are CTRL + Num 1 (num 1 being one of the side buttns on my mouse). My marauder I've never seen this happening, which is weird because it;s the same bind for the same ability.


Whats up with that?

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