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Force Quake


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Have any of you noticed that you're screen shakes and rumbles when a Jedi Consular casts Force Quake? Yes? Good then you understand what I'm talking about.


I'm going to give you all an example of the issue i'm experiencing. During PVP the map of the Gree Hypergates. I will be standing guard at our Pylon and a Jedi Consular will be fighting in the central area with the orbs. You all understand the distance between the two locations? Yes? Good.


Now someone Dev or otherwise PLEASE explain to me why I must get the screen shake all the way at the pylon from a player casting force quake in the middle? There is no reason for that it's extremely distracting and unnecessary.


I've been experiencing this issue for the longest time and figured it was just an issue with my system, however today was in a group of players on the imperial side who used chat to talk to each other (omg I know right) and they were complaining about it. From this I gather it's a bug of some sort.


The only thing more annoying then this Force Quake bug is the Force leap/Charge glitch out where it doesn't bring you to your target fully or just dumps you under the map.

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