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Map discovery and buying a map at the local port and travel speeders make sense


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By now there is little left for me to explore with any of my current 55 leveled alts, but as an Alt-O-Holic, there will be always the go back to planet 1 and have to rediscover the terrain in that planet. I can, and do agree, that because 5 of my 55s done the terrain and know it, it does not mean the new alt knows it, in fact why should she?


So from the perspective that new alt, is in fact: New, it makes sense for the newb to have no idea what the terrain and lay of the planet is, makes snese, but is this really an accurate way to portray a society with a technology base far superior to our real world?


The reason, ibring this to questions, is now when I plan a trip, I go to Google maps, and then do satelite view and actually see what the terrain looks like, and can even go street-view if I want a more detailed perspective, in the old days, I arrive to a town I never been to, I could buy a "AAA" map at the local gas station, or a map of the area at the airport as well, then there was the Rand McNally road atlas, and the list goes on.


So why not make it, where I can buy a map of the world and have the world revealed in my mini-map and world map? The world map could be bought at the any vendor at the starport or by the med droid at each speeder camp.


Also why are the speeders requiring you discover the route to the next speeder first? That strikes me like in order to catch a plane to somewhere, you would had to somehow been in that somewhere before, its like trying to tel me the pilot is so stupid that he needs me to tell how to get there every time.


It could be argued, that you actually are piloting the speeder, and thus you would need to know how to get to your destination, good point there, but: If I am actually driving the speeder, I oculd then use it to go anywhere I want, and get off it to do something anytime I want; which i cant. I owuld be more likely to believe the speeder is pre-programmed with the route to be taken, and thus all you need to do is enjoy the ride.



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