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LF New Guild: Geared and Ready for Ops


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As the title states I am looking for a new guild who regularly runs operations. I haven't played regularly in about a month due to ESO but I like swtor and would like a reason to actually log on (I cannot fathom rolling new toons and going to hoth for the umpteenth time). My current guild is still active but they no longer run planned operations as it is all spur of the moment now which, with work and wanting to play other games I need to find a guild or at least an operations team that runs at scheduled times.


I am looking for a few things:


1. Runs regularly scheduled operations (as stated above)

2. Runs HM Ops (I have only completed Classic Ops and TC on HM & NiM but would like to finally be in a group that is capable of running them so I can learn them myself)

3. Pub Side


I have 3 55 toons ready to go: Dylandragoon (Gunslinger full 78's. main toon) Dodge-dragoon (Commando, Heals, full 72's, Secondary toon) Dreyfùs (Guardian, Tank, mostly 72's, when in a pinch toon)


If I pop up online go ahead and pst me in game otherwise leave a message here and I will look you up since like I said I have not been on much and likely won't be until I find a new group to run with on a consistent basis. Also probably should note that I live in central standard time so I prefer to ops groups that start no later than 7 PST Sun-Thurs (don't care on Friday and Saturday)

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