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To be able to watch past videos of developer information liv live stream recording


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Okay in certain times there are live stream videos but given whatever time they are told that they were all up here you don't know for sure if your time zone is the one they are talking about and you could miss the information


Which defeats the purpose of showing the video in the first place for many Star Wars players


My suggestion to fix this is to have archive recording videos that will be placed on Star Wars The Old Republic website that can be viewed at anytime anywhere by anyone that way if you miss a video you have the opportunity to see it again or what if you got interrupted and you missed a certain part because of your Internet connection you would be able to watch it over and over and over again please add the archived videos of what the developers talk about to the Star Wars The Old Republic website that is if you have recordings of saved of it and place it somewhere on the Star Wars The Old Republic website a complete collection of everything you've started with and everything you have so far

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