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Death Star


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Brand new polish guild Death Star is currently recruiting all players who can speak polish. They can be F2P or subscribers, social, pvp or endgame pve players. We can offer you 10 % xp and reputation bonus, access to guild bank vault, place in our operation / progress group, teamspeak 3 server and website on enjin and DKP system. We will provide any help for the newcomers, old players who took a break or anyone who crave more power. To apply simply state your age, level and profession you are currently playing. To catch us in game try nicknames :

- Vicerroy

- Mours

- Molekh

- T'oolan

- Partia's

Our website : dstar.enjin.com

Whisper to us with any other question about guild and we will see you in game.

May the force be with you !

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