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Just hit 55: Long time PvP'er, but wanting to get into PvE (where do I start?)


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Before reading please take note that I don't know much about PvE in this game... All I did when I hit 50 after launch was PvP


I grinded out Battlemaster within the first month or 2 of release... Yada yada yada 2 years later I just started playing again and just leveled my Bounty Hunter to 55 and decided I want to experience the PvE side of the game. I started doing dailies to gather Basic Commendations...

Is this what I need to be doing to gear up for end game content?


Eventually I'd like to raid weekly, but I don't want to jump into things under-geared.


Any information would be helpful...

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With the 156 you do the weeklies and first time OP runs - which will get you enough mats to find a crafter for your main weapon hilt / barrel for free (2 purples, 8 blues, 8 isotopes) and enough ultimate comms to buy your 180 rated offhand. You would ideally have enough elites to buy 2 168 rated pieces. Use the PvP relics for the time being - not bad choices at all.


That set fully augmented with whatever your class needs will get you entry in every PuG weekly and you might get carried in some HM Ops if you find a Guild that`s doing alt runs.


168 rated gear fully augmented at class percentage targets is entry to HM DF+DP, which would be your bread and butter.


Also, in my book, 162 rated gear with bonus is better than 168 / 180 without, as far as Armorings go.

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