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Chariot Mounts

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Imagine a podracer. Now imagine a Tauntaun in front of it. Now forget the turbines and put a harness on the Tauntaun. And witness the birth of the Tauntaun Chariot Mount.


Might also open up the possibilty of a "Life Day"-themed variante with the never released Life Day-Tauntaun ;)


With all the Animal Mounts coming out and the possibility of using Droids instead (for a variante like the one in Episode II on Tatooine) I think a Chariot mount would be another cool addition to the game. Just let me throw my Daragon-Armor and the Centurion title on, cause it's time to show the Imprial Fleet some Roman style.


Driving around in my podracer and getting stalked by two Tauntaun-Riders might have helped me to dream this idea up.

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