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LF the MOST social guild on EH


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I'm a returning player, just re-subbed yesterday (missing on the May 11th deadline for the 5-room sky palace by a day).


I don't know if I'm an oddball, but I just can't be bothered with hardcore PvE, PvP, or RP. What I like to do most is open world stuff that is organic and fun, not structured questing, PvP'ing, etc. Take over an opposite faction base for a couple of hours? I'm in. Speeder race on Alderaan? You bet. Team mountain climbing on Hoth? Yes sir. Lightsaber/rifle only (no armor) PvP on Tatooine? Sweet. I even love open world PvP - not because its fair or balanced (or manages 20 fps), but because its hilarious and fun.


Sure I'll help you do some Ops and some PvPs, and I'd like to think I can hold my own. But I'd much rather make a swoop gang on Corellia and just joyride around. I was gone long before GSF came around, but I'm sure I'll catch on and be an asset.


Here's me in a nutshell: My favorite part of SWTOR the first time was helping the opposite faction do heroics. I'd wait for a group of 4 to aggro a mob, let it turn gray, and then I'd jump in and help them finish it off. It was awesome. Did this kill me occasionally? Yes. Worth.


I currently have a lvl 50 juggernaut, but I'm leveling a sentinel that I'd like to become my new main. So I'd prefer a dual-faction or republic guild. I also have a lvl 43 healing scoundrel that can eventually be for ops runs.


If your guild is into social events like the ones I listed above, please post the events that you like to do and how often you do them.



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Welcome back to the game! You might be interested in our guild the 13th Legion. We are a dual faction guild, however we do lean more towards the Republic side. We have done things like the things you are suggesting though we don't do them all the time. Maybe once a month. Read through our recruiting thread on this site (link is in my signature) and you will see some of the things we have done. Probably the closest thing to what you are looking for that we have done is guild darts where we all jumped off of the top of the Jedi temple and tried to land near a target as we died.


We are going to have things like this in the future (in fact we are working on planning some right now). I will say this though, we encourage our members to plan and run events. So if you join us and want to do things like this on a regular basis you can put it up on the calendar.


Generally speaking we aim to provide opportunities for people to play the game the way they want whether that be PvE, PvP, GSF, RP, or just goofing around. Anyway, if you like what you see feel free to fill out an application on our website (link is also in my sig).


Best of luck in your guild search!

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