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Freedom Fighters are Recruiting !!


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Hello fellow Players


Freedom Fighters are a Republic PVE Elder game guild looking for some fresh blood too join our ops group.

We are Currently looking for more dedicated players regardless of roles to help make a Real push into Dread Fortress Nightmare and incoming Dread Palace Nightmare.


So what sort of guild are we are a mainly semi-hardcore guild, but that does not mean that we dont enjoy the odd trolling every once in a while. We also have a good number of PVPers as well, and regularly take part in ranked warzones. So what content have we cleared ?. All Classic operations in EVERY single mode. TFB fully cleared in 8M Nightmare/ Hard mode as well as 16m. S&V in 8/16m HM and 2/5 Nightmare.

Dread Fortress and Palace on 8M HM on farm and 1/5 in DF NiM.


What we offer is a mature,fun,focused environment,Teamspeak,Guild Bank , Guild repair funds,Tactics,Help on all classes,stims,adrenals, and much more.


IF anyone is interested then send either an in game mail or whisper to Meatwagon,Rosura,Hypermole, Hunttarr,K-data, Roxiface, Daydey.

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We currently looking for a Dedicated Tank and DPS to join a newly formed NiM ops group. RAID days will be 2-3 days a week for about 3-3.5hrs during those nights. Tanks and dps must have prior experience of DF and DP HM and be reasonably active in game. If this sounds like you then contact me on Meatwagon,Hypermole, or Rosura .

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