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Early Access Waves "Continued"


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This is just wierd to see a pre-access to select few over a period of time.


At least let us know what time your going to send e-mails again tomarrow so we dont hang ourselves infront of our comps.





Update: Time for Wednesday Waves. Starts at 8AM CST

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Is there reason why waves would need to stop? And not be 24/7?


My honest opinion would have to be that they do not want to run into a huge Crashing/Never Ending Que. Due to the amount of servers that are currently operational. I mean, it's sort of new and wierd that they would do these invites in waves again.


For Ex: For those who did Beta, we did not get much info on how and when they would be sending out invites, and thus was a waiting game. This I agree now is not to far off.


I just can't seem to wonder why, every Mmo out there since Wow, never had the right amount of servers ready to go from 1 month from launch date. I guess theres a "Rule" of thumb to see how many are interested in a game before dishing out servers. Anyhow I was reading earlier that they may be doing waves based on Month of Redemption.


i.e. July Redeemers = Tuesday

August Redeemers =Wednesday

And so on....


cross your fingers xD

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