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If you're planning on inviting even more people tomorrow...


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We're actually planning to invite more tomorrow than today


Why are you miraculously able to do that but starting tomorrow? Server stress will be higher will it not?


It doesnt matter if you try to juggle your server populations, a large % of your player base has already been assigned to servers in huge clumps. Yes we could go and start on a fresh server but guess what? Youve already let our friends start there expecting us to be joining them.


Im sympathetic to an extent, but I dont understand your logic here. These posts would dry up if you'd just explain yourselves, players want to know what is going on.


Would a handful of server mergers in a week really be that terrible? Instead you have thousands of people in a void not knowing what is going on.


Regardless of headstart or up to x days, however you want to phrase it, the bottom line is players are getting an advantage over others. That is something im sure you will try desperately to balance later in the life of the game, so why dole it out in heaps now?

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What balance would they need to do later in the life of the game? You're 49 levels behind when you start...they don't have to balance anything...you'll level up on your own and balance it out yourself.


Many of you are complaining that you didn't get in today, I'm sorry that didn't happen for you. It didn't happen for me either, but I'm not going to cry about it. I also spent my 80 dollars or what not on Origin for my DDE copy and had 75 refunded, just because I paid doesn't mean I'm entitled to anything other than my pre-access and my color stone. Until you hit 11:59 PM CST on Monday Dec 19th and you still don't have that pre-access, please don't cry or complain.


On another note, this whole "being in the dark" thing is also not the case because they have specifically spelled out what WILL be happening on these days. Just because they batched players into waves instead of putting all 5 of today's waves into one group and set them loose at the same times doesn't change the fact that they TOLD everyone plainly what was going to happen

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