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Guild Conflict?


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I would like to see Guild Conflict implemented.

Is there any progress on this subject?


Some of my thoughts:


Guilds who declare war with each other should also have a way to communicate cross factions to plan and explain their thoughts.


There should be at least two levels of conflict for Guild Masters to choose from:

1. where it is merely displayed. Ie characters in the other Guild are marked with a color.

2. All out war where members automaticly are tagged PvP in between those Guilds they are at war with. It would also be good to have some way to allow Guilds that are at war with each other to track each others members location. Perhaps spot that 10 players currently are on Tattoine to allow Guilds at war finding each other more easily.


Guild Masters must both agree and accept an invitation to set war beteween Guilds.


On the other end of this There should be a possibility to set other Guilds as allies and in a similair fashion be able to track each other.


For the future I Think it would be really nice to see those "Guild ships/stations" as a part of this as well. Allies could be invited to each other Guild ships and perhaps a war can be won if the enemy Guild ship is invaded....

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