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Looking for Revan Gear


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Hey all, I'm not sure whether this is in the right place as I don't use the forums much. But I'm looking for someone who might be kind enough to part with Revan's Sash and Revan's Gloves.


Around a year ago I was playing regularly and collecting the Revan armour pieces as they showed up in the packs. I got the Helmet, the torso and the robes - all that was available at the time. I'm very disappointed to find that in my absence from the game, not only have 2 extra pieces been added, but the packs they were included in have all but been removed. It's frustrating to say the least, as I just feel incomplete without them. I'm a bit OCD like that.


I don't have enough in game currency to afford 8m+ per piece as they are listed for on the GTN. But if anyone was charitable enough to settle for around half of that per piece, you'd be making someone a very happy chappy.


Thanks for reading, I hope someone will have pity on my cause.


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