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I know hats generate hair and lekku themed problems, but they are't insoluble. Hats that don't encase the back if the head totally. A fedora type hat that looks like a hat not a helmet with a brim. How do you do it without hiding the hair? Easy you make different versions. Hat - FEMALE - long has the hat with longish hair using the colour value of the character's current hair to tint it. Hat- FEMALE - short is self explanatory and the 'bald' version is the only one available for the hairless races. Obviously the same for males too, though since armour can gender vary anyway this shouldn't be a problem- actually just hat, long hair, hat, short hair, and hat, bald would do.


It would make for a far better look in my view and I think would sell. Possibly tilt the twilek version forward to avoid lekku clipping?

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