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hybrid marauder spec


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I would be happy if they buffed annihilation to make up for this fact. but unfortunately, annihilation(watchman) is now the 3rd best spec for the class, with the other 23/21/2 or whatever spec coming close 4th. Anni did not get the proper buffs last time they looked at it, they really need to give it a buff in terms of utility as well. For a class that has no tank or healing tree, annhilation is soundly beaten by vengence, lethality(op and sniper), concealment(pts), marksmenship, engineering, pyro (merc and pt) and even some other ones i cant think of at the moment...:mad::mad::mad:


This spec was once good, it needs to be returned to its glory of single target sustained unchallenged KING.:rak_03:

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