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craftable vanity items


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Just for a bit of fun, I thought it might be nice to have a few crafter-only vanity pets and objects to spice up our crafting lists:


Cybertech: Probe droid, training sphere droid, mini speeder..

Armormech: Mouse droid, gonk droid, power droid, mini-walker....

Armstech: Mini hovertank, Personal space defense array (tiny gun emplacements surround character)

Biomed: Tusken raider baby, Baby bantha, Ewok cub, Mynock, Jawa in carbonite...

Synthweaving: mini ewok glider, haunted robe (empty hooded robe that floats around)...

Artifice: Dancing sabers, Tulak hord relic (little sarcophagus that floats around).....


Just silly examples, but you get what I mean. pointless items, but fun to have and may make us actually WANT to level our crafts again!

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