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<Flames of the Phoenix> Seeking New Members


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<Flames of the Phoenix> is recruiting active players who are interested in PvE and/or PvP content including end-game Operations. All roles and levels welcome. Friendly, helpful guild. Max Guild XP, GBank Access.


(Mostly Republic side guild, we have an Imperial guild as well but that side is not very active.)


We are most especially seeking players interested in casual progression and non progression Operations. Even if you are not max level yet and you are interested in Ops. Tanks, healers, and dps. We are aspiring to get enough regulars for 16man story mode Ops and possibly two 8man hard mode Ops teams.


Usual Raiding Times for the guild are as follows:


Wednesday @ 8pm EST

Thursday @ 8pm EST

Friday @ 8pm EST - On this night we set out to do progression Ops (TFB HM, SV HM, DF HM, DP HM)

Saturday @ 8pm EST- Usually on this night we try to get further in Friday's Ops or try a different HM Op


If you are interested please apply at our website here http://orderofthephoenix-tor.enjin.com/


If you have additional questions you may post them here or ask on the website :)


*Note* We are not affiliated with the guild <Order of the Phoenix> on The Shadowlands server.

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Stated that we are a Republic guild
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