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Resubber Getting Ops Ready


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Hey there!


I am a resubscriber and have not played since 1.0. I am currently level 54 and will probably be hitting 55 tonight. I wanted to know if there is a link or a guide to best in slot gear before Ops. I was big into PVP when the game first came out, but I have been loving flashpoints and want to get into Ops.


I am an Arsenal Merc, and saw a great guide by Oddawg about speccing and ability priority, but I wanted to know what I should be running/grinding, and how I should be going about getting ready for Ops.


If running Hardmodes is the best way to get gear, then I would love to meet people who are in the same boat. These queues can be brutal.


My Merc's name is Discogasmic, The Bastion server, and I am a west coast player usually on around 7P-12A PST.


Thanks in advance all!

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The quest rewards for completing the initial questline through Oricron will get you a good chunk of the way. Plus you get coms for completing the daily's that can be used to buy more 66's. You can backfill with the PVP relics which can be purchased with 2 days worth of running the daily's for PVP. Then the crafted implants and earpiece to finnish it off. Augment with blue reflex augs, to start, and you are ready for entry level story-mode Ops.
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