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Only real issue is that the waves have stopped...


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We were promised and told nothing, we honestly can't really complain a whole lot as the details were never issued (for this very reason, no promises made, no promises broken. And a broken promise is a lot more damaging than no promise at all). It just sucks that computers can't be smarter and continue with the Early Access waves throughout the evening. That it is an employee entered command that releases the Early Access codes to their respective accounts.


For such a big day for BioWare, no one is gonna stay late? No staggering of the employees into shifts so they may work throughout the evening?


But complaints aside, we were promised nothing and can not really hold them to anything. We are lucky its not the 20th for everyone, and we are lucky that its the 12th on the first day of Early Access, not 15th of December like it was originally stated.


Lets say it takes me 3 days to get in. Sucks, but so does life most of the time. If it were the 15th, i wouldn't be getting in until the 18th. In our current scenario, I'll be in by the 15th and will be a much happier clam that much sooner.


Gotta have a positive outlook, or your outcome will be negative. Beauty isn't the only thing that is in the 'eye of the beholder' your reality in general is all according to how you choose to see it.


Just a note to the wise, use this time to get your real lives in order, cause as soon as you get your Early Access code, your gonna be ignoring the real world for a few weeks im sure :p, i will be. lol

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