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Looking for a Pub guild with dudes that have jobs


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Any pub guilds out there with an age requirement? Like 21+?


Tired of the rampant teeny boppers on pub side - digging leveling my first pub character, but would really like a guild with older, chiller folk.


Little about me:

- 30 years old

- IT Professional

- Functional Alcoholic

- Doesn't take stuff seriously

- Hilarious.


Hit me up. Don't make me go back to the dark side.

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Hmmm... I ain't got no job. I mean, I don't relly like for workin', you know? I live in my Dad's garage. That jerk drinks my beer, calls it "rent". But hell, you wanna toss a few back while smackin' some Imps about Oricon, gimme a holler.
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If you send me a tell tonight, I can invite you to my guild. Most of us have full time jobs during the day, but they still do ops at night. The guild is called OrderOfTheActivePlayer. We are mostly, if not all, adults. People from all over the world in the guild. I'll be on Nivicks, Zay'da, or Ty'foon tonight. Feel free.
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