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DeathGods are recruiting


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DeathGods, a small, active, social guild is recruiting active players to fill our ranks as we begin a new chapter in our as yet short story in gaming. The guild itself has a presence in various games, including Warframe, Rift, World of Tanks, and yes SWTOR. We began in Warframe, and as the members interests became more well known, we began to play other games with one another as well, until now we are situated as we are currently. We use Raidcall as our voice chat, and welcome all classes and levels of players into the guild. Currently we have a guild only on the Empire side, but plan to soon have a Republic side guild as well. We are helpful, very social, always willing to help out a guildie get some gear, or answer any question. Our general goal for the guild is to be able to do operations soon, as our members level up and gear up. If you would like to join us in this endeavour, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in game, or on this site. I have many toons in game, so it might be easiest to get me here. In game toon names: Firehammer, Sorr'ow, more, but those I am on quite a bit. Leave me a message here as well, if you wish, I'll be checking back at minimum daily.
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