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Republic Rattataki.


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Lore-wise, does it make sense?


Looking at making a Ratta Commando, since I bought the unlock for the race, but I am just wondering about this.


Can justify a Ratta Jedi, as Padawans come from all over, but as I understand it, overall, the Rattataki are loyal to the Empire?


so does one enlisting in the Republic Military make sense?


are there Ratta NPCs on the Republic side at all?

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Though for the most part, Rattataki as a species have actually had very little contact with ether side and were largely an enigma. Most of them were indeed found in the Empire's ranks as one Sith captured hundreds of them for his own personal army around the first Great War prior to the treaty of Coruscant.


However they seem to be most commonly found in the criminal underworld due to their nature as more or less "savages" who enjoy bloodshed. That said as the underworld respects no government boundaries, it is theoretically possible through several generations for a Rattataki to migrate to the underworld in republic space, grow up on the streets or in the poverty area of Republic territory, and enlist as a soldier in the hopes of a better life... as well as partake in their natural bloodlust.


In a nutshell, yes. Entirely possible.

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I play a Republic Rattataki Jedi who was born on Belsavis. I don't want to spoil the Belsavis planet story too much, but It makes sense with the way the game story is written.


SO if i buy the unlocked especies Ratattaki i can play like a jedi like you true?

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