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Can a red Zabrak have a pale skin kid?


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Can that Happen? Like which one is the recessive gene?


Who knows? At least in humans skin tones are far more complex than dominant/recessive. In children from a union between one very dark skinned person and one very pale person you might get the full run of it. And even if a trait in it's simplest form of explanation, like eye color, is expressed as dominant/recessive that just requires that both parents had the trait in store. Your family might have had brown eyes for generations but still kept the gene for blue eyes, for example - and it's there to come out when the brown-eyed boy and girl who both have the blue gene make a child.


It can also happen due to unforeseen events, such as albinism which often causes your eyes to look very pale or even red despite what your parents' eye color would say.

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i dont think there actual brothers but i believe they were of the same clan so they were clan brothers.

I haven't read Restraint myself, but according to Wookieepedia it established Kycina as the mother of both Maul and Savage, making them biological brothers (or half-brothers at the very least).


Obviously sometimes wikis get things wrong, but the entry seems to be pretty explicit about that point, and I got the impression from the Clone Wars that they were actual brothers.

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In The Essential Guide to Alien Species: "Like humans, Zabraks have different skin colors, but these hues are the result of genetic dominance. The variety of colors include a peachy white, tan, brown, and black, with many tonal shadings."


It also states further that Darth Maul had black tattoos placed upon his RED skin.


I emphasized genetic dominance for you. You seem to want to go for some realism in your color choices to reflect dominance and breeding. This may not be entirely possible as BioWare may have limited your alternatives.


I too have an entire family of Zabraks and chose to go with the lightest color choices and varying numbers of horns and hair hair styles or none at all, some are bald. I did this only the avoid being associated with Darth Maul. I love Maul, didn't want to be him. I just love Zabraks.


Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to point out that CHOICES - yours and mine are limited in character creation.

I wish you luck and May the Force be with you.


To answer your question, I believe the answer is YES! It depends on what the parent(s) looked like.

I have a Red Skinned Sith Warrior who is the father of all my alts and has many children, boys and girls, on both factions, and some have pale skin. 16 alts total: 2 of each class, 1 of each advanced class. BioWare must have thought it was possible to make it so.

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