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Korrealis series on collections and 8 classes title


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I would like to make 2 simple suggestions:


- Add the korrealis series to the collections (only to those who already have it, of course). I mean the old ones (baron and such). Sometimes I few like forced to play a specific toon just because it has the mount I like the most, and collections would be a great way to change that, plus it wouldn't change it's rarity since the same number of players would have it.


- Create an achievement for people who got the 4 classes and its faction mirror's to 55. It's basically a sum of "imperial diehard" with "republic diehard". When I got my 8th toon to 55 I found it kinda of unrewarding not to have a title for that.


None of these things are a big deal, I know that, it's just very simple ideas to improve QOL.

Thanks for reading my suggestions!

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