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<The Imps> are back and recruiting!


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Hi! A few of the original team has come back to the game to see what it has to offer, the content back in the day was released very slow and made alot of people quit. And i dont blame em, i was one of em.


I have decided to start the guild back up again and i'm looking to form an 8 man team of serious, dedicated hardcore players to become a competitive guild once again!


And we need you, who plays ALOT and simply love pve to join us and make this happen! If you are interested in joining please feel free to make an application in our forum section so that we may begin our quest towards fame and fortune!


We killed SoA nightmare and got the title on 15.02.2012. and im hoping to get an awesome thing going again ofc!


Feel free to contact Sublime, scrublime or Smexy on Tomb of freedon nadd for more information, or visit solanaceae.enjin.com


Best regards


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  • You are posting in the wrong forum - there is a guild recruitment sub-forum.
  • I can't find a single shred of proof of your EV NiM title claim or even of <The Imps> existence prior to your post.
  • 3 days a week isn't "serious raiding".

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