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Little Sith juggernaut looking for a home :)


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So after a long while, I decided to come back to swtor, and started a Sith Juggernaut :) I am currently level 19, and a half, and my race is cathar.


I am already in a guild, but I dont really find it "my kind of a place".


So in short, im looking for a new guild in the dark side, I prefer smaller guilds, It can be Rp guild as I maybe will RP later on, but for now, i'd like to be social member :)


Some info about me if it even matters :3


I'm 25 year old Crazy cat lady from Finland. I have played multiple mmos, including world of warcraft, which I quit couple months back to being bored out of my mind. Been playing the game since it came out. I love games, horror movies, zombie themed books. blah blah blah :)

I'm not very knowledgeable in Swtor yet, I barely got my first character to 50 when the game first came out :) But im learning.

Im impulsive, friendly, and helpfull.... this is starting to sound like some dating site advertisement, so I better stop rambling now!


Anyway, if you have a friendly guild, be it RP, or not, and willing to take in a weirdo Cathar in as social/casual member, contact me in-game :) Ney'rix is the name! (that rhymed :o)


-Edit: And of course I managed to put this in the wrong place :) sorry about that, should be in guild recruitment :D

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Wrong place :D
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