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What SWTOR lacks, and for me needs the most is a series of things to do when you're not in the mood for combat; that mood when you won't do any operations, flashpoints, warzones, etc. I'm here to rescue you all and propose a solution: gambling minigames.

These would be relatively simple. Such games could include Pazaak, Sabaac, Dejarik, a Drinking Game, and so on. The occasional one could be accessed from cantinas (the drinking game), with casinos on Nar Shaddaa (potentially, one could be added to the fleet) and other planets being a general hub to access these. Play would begin by players queuing at a table. Either they could set up a game (with their chosen wager and number of players) or join one. Also, tournaments could be set up by other players, possibly requiring a buy in, with large prize pools and potential items as rewards. All of these things would be accessible from tables, and a player could get these tables in his ship through a legacy unlock.


Okay, now the rest of the stuff may well have been said before:


-Uninstanced Port Nowhere. Great hangout where Imps and Reps could even mingle (maybe even play a game or two of Pazaak ;) )

-Homes/Guild Bases. Could be anything to a star destroyer, to a more interactive/customizable ship, to a cottage on Alderaan or a villa on Makeb, to an apartment in a new section of the Fleet, depending on how much the player in question is willing to pay.

-Generally more interactive things, like the holorecordings on the Defender.


Now for two large demands:


-Space Freeroam, with an opportunity to pillage/dogfight other ships.

-Prestige Classes: when a player hits the level cap for their AC, they choose a prestige class which either improves a certain set of abilities they already have or grants new abilities as the player does endgame content and works through his PC. For example, a Jedi Shadow's two PCs could be 'Loremaster', which would improve and grant more standard Force abilities, and 'Executioner', which would improve and grant more lightsaber abilities.


One last thing:


-Please, BW, don't double the level cap like so many other MMOs have. If you are going to increase it, do it by small intervals of five.


I seriously doubt any of this is attainable, and I know Bioware already have a lot on their hands and I don't expect that this will ever turn into anything, but I'd like to know how you all feel about what I really want for this game.

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