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Looking for RP-PvP guild....


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I'm a lvl 40 Jedi Guardian, Tank spec'd. Looking to hit max lvl and have fun along the way. I realize guilds make that process a lot more fun. Is there any guilds out there on the Rep side?


Could check out <Knights of Atonement>. Website is esoteric-order.com. KoA is the Republic side to <Esoteric Order> and is an RPvP based guild. We run Operations, Roleplay events, World PvP events, Warzones and GSF. Just drop an Application off if you're interested and someone will contact you ASAP :).

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There are plenty out there! I recommend Remnants of Hope, but I am sure the lovely LadyAdmiral will chime in shortly. Also check out Alpha Company!






Good luck getting to max level Fury, make sure to enjoy the story 'long the way :)


We'd love to have you at Remnants of Hope, but just a heads up we're actually focused on all aspects of the game, not specifically RPvP. (We do a lot of PvE, lately a lot of endgame PvP, and we recently have a new RP Officer stirring up guild interest in RP again.) If you're interested you can take a look and apply at: http://remnantsofhope.com/

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