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Are there profession exclusives ?


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According to the guy on that thread, yeah.

But I haven't been able to find info on it.


So... Are there exclusives ?

If yes, what are they, where are they listed ?


I mean things like the alchemist's endless vial or the engineer's gadgets in wow.

But things which are just normal items with higher stats are less interesting, for me.

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Yeah, there's stuff that's exclusive to certain professions. I haven't bothered with the crafting side of things much beyond Biochem, so I don't know what all the others get, but you can make reusable versions of all the medpacks, stims, and adrenals you can craft. You have to reverse engineer the green quality ones you learn from the trainers to get the blue quality schematics, then reverse engineer those until you learn the purple quality reusable ones.


I think there are grenades that require the right level of Cybertech to use, but I don't know about the others.

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Based on your examples you come from WoW. At launch there was BiS gear perks - all the crafting skills were able to craft BiS BoP pieces (similar to WoW TBC crafting profession perks) - but they were not exclusive: running operations you could get the same gear; the perk was getting it faster. However, once better gear was released that perk was abandoned. Post 2.0, the crew skills can still craft that gear, but it is below the entry level for "eldergame content." Find any schematic with "Rakata" in the name and you've found the old perk gear.


The only "exclusive" items are reusable stims and adrenals for Biochem and reusable grenades for Cybertech.


However, the grenades are not great, except for PvP (for another stun), and the stims and adrenals are less powerful than their consumable brethren (not by much but enough to make min/max players use the consumables instead of reusables when it comes to eldergame progression content).

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