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Post LVL 50 Gear-Independent PVP (trivial spoilers)


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Not complaining, well kinda. LOVE the game – been sub’d from almost day one – but I don’t get to play often (I’ve taken breaks for months at a time remaining sub’d). This is my first, and only, MMO and I signed up because of the SW fantasy lore that I love so much. I’m one of those with 13 alts, only one of which has finished the main story. It may seem weird, but I really just love playing (and re-playing) the first several levels, crafting and selling on GTN, and RP’ng.


But I especially love PVP at these levels and I do that CONSTANTLY with various alts. I’m not claiming to be the greatest, but I’m a gamer, and I can pretty much dominate (or hold-serve) pre-50 PVP where everyone is scaled up to roughly the same level and it’s not a gearfest. Especially around level 21 when I have my stuns/knockbacks, some grenades, and my first AC ability, I feel like I can take on any level player. Even at level 10, I more than hold my own.


So back to my original character that hit 50 a while back, but then I stopped playing and have now picked up again. Let me get this straight. I start out LVL 1 as a prodigious bad***** and then progress through 1-50 as an epic stud, steamrolling everything in my path both PVE and PVP. I’m an inter-galactic champion who single-handedly saves the day (Rep)/or destroys the world (Imp). Then I hit 50 and game resets and I regress to being a complete peeon, at which point I completely start over again as a chump? Why? Is this how all MMOs work? Seems so strangely unnecessary – and more importantly – it kills the RP/PVP aspect.


For example, instantly, none of my pre-50 gear is useful at all?? And now PVP is a total gearfest? I dunno, for me, that’s not particularly fun, but again I’m sitting here without the time to spend grinding for gear. Don’t get me wrong, I like grinding and believe it should be a part of the game (esp. open world), just not the ENTIRE end game. I guess MMOs are really about this gear-grind in the end, but I guess I was hoping this would be more than that. For most of you, this is a “duh.” But I would really love a gear-neutral PVP arena where the more casual (time-wise, not skill-wise) players can continue to get the PVP fix.


TL;DR. Why have two ENTIRELY different games for a character, pre-50/55 and post 50/55? I see no good reason to start over again at 50 rather than just introducing more gameplay options, grinding options, etc. as you level. At the very least, there should be a gear-independent PVP option past 50, purely for those who have an hour or so to play and want to put their skills to the test against the best.


P.S. – don’t try to come here and tell me that YOU can dominate LVL-50 PVP with your intro gear set and that I need to L2P. I very much doubt that there are many here I can’t go toe-to-toe with if all was equal gear-wise.

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