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<VOS> - a Prophecy of Five Imperial Guild - Now Recruiting.


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Veil of Secrecy <VOS> Imperial Guild on Prophecy of Five Server.


We are currently recruiting to round out our 16 man Raid Team. DPS Classes priority fill. We raid a Tue, Wed, Thur schedule with a 9pm EST start time. Mondays are by exception should we have anything left uncleared from the week prior, before server reset.


A little about <VOS> and who we are looking for...


Who We Are:


<VOS> is an emergent gaming organization that sponsors teams for a select number of online video games. We are an organized group of people who are passionate and enthusiastic about all things pertaining to online video games, especially playing them. We are comprised of veteran and professional gamers from all walks of life and who have a vast amount of experience across a myriad of online video game genres.


Who we want:


We want skilled and knowledgeable gamers who possess the capacity as a player to effectively and successfully play and/or compete at a competitive level. That’s not saying we expect every one of our members to be pro e-sports athletes. Rather, what that is intended to mean is that we want our members to have experience and the ability to play at a higher level of game play than the average gamer. Also we want people who can conduct themselves in a cordial and professional manner. People whose personalities and mannerisms are not toxic or volatile.


To find out more about <VOS> visit our website @ VOSGAMING.COM



Note: Our member numbers continue to grow by the week.

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