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Review Series #2 - PVP


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Greetings fellow pixelhunters! Time for one of my (hopefully regular) review type thingies where we have a civilised *cough* CIVILISED *cough* chat about whatever SWTOR related things my brain splurges onto the page for your procrastinatory consumption! Shall we begin?


Here I will be reviewing each map and then ranting about balancing (I will put in a warning for those of a blind disposition) so we will start with Alderaan Civil War:


Alderaan Civil War


A simple control point domination game and a simple starting point for any pvp in anything - but there are major problems with the map which I will now go through as to why we get the thing of "2 turrets = win"


The nodes are too open - too easy to aoe to stop anyone from grabbing the objective, they need to be more enclosed to prevent aoe spamming and help create more intense (and usually more fun) combat in certain areas where players can say that they are losing/winning and allow the team to persue one of the other control points as the current system allows a stealther ambush which, whilst cool, is very fustrating for the defender who now has no time to act and will inevitably be scolded by their team for not calling reinforcements - enclosing them will reduce the capacity to rush the objective and give teams more oppurtunity to use tactics such as flanking more often. Try it in testing -see if my suggestion works.


This map is a good idea done rather poorly, but it gets a lot better with Huttball, now... ONTO THE MATCH!




Huttball is a gamemode unique to SWTOR and one that the devs have seemed to capitalised on. It is basically a game of American Football with a pun - and it is better for it. The many layers of the map let us be sneaky, to knock those pesky stealthers into the pit and grapple the carrier to a fiery death. Skill definitly beats power in this map as should be the case with every map. Traps are one of the reasons it is good - the acid, the fire, the big pit, the oppertunity to really make enemies pay for their brash charges at the objective. The next map should feature traps and multilayer combat.


Huttball is a great map with huge potential - stick with it devs!




This is also quite a good map, I stress MAP (I will get onto scoring when my frontal lobe has prepared the containment facility for the rant). It is very open and funnels players into one location for intense fighting with a lot of room for flanking menouvers and tactics to win through here - it is well designed and lets players employ tactics to their advantage.


The scoring system, however, is to players as dark energy is to scientists - a thing that is beyond our current understanding and somethign that would take tremendous effort to fathom. A team that captures both pylons gets outdone by a team that captures only one in the next round. For one team the orbs give 30 points, for the other, 10. It makes no sense - please explain it to us or change it to something more logical.




No. Who thought it was a good idea? Nobody owning up? I would be ashamed too. A gamemode that punishes you for being stuck in respawn for 30 seconds whilst your team can do nothing to stop your bunker being destroyed becasue you can only ever do anything if you have 2 turrets - and there are only 3. Introduce a 4th turret to spice up the gameplay or change it entirely.




Rush gamemode - nice.


Tactics and momentum are the shining beacons that players must follow to succeed in this map - but it is too open to imbalance, and it is consistantly imbalanced (post numbers to prove me wrong). It is far too easy for an OP team to murderize the other team simply because they have more dps, not due to any tactics or skill. To remedy this I suggest adding a second layer to it, a set of walkways that players can navigate and fight on to get behind the other team - making it more about tactics than might - again - please give it a test.


That concludes my little review - I don't pvp a colossal amount so I apologise for a lack of detail.


Be civil and try not to rant at imbalancing.


Ah. Knew I'd missed something...




So... imbalancing. All I will say is this: you need to rewrite your programming for this. Pick teams based on objective points and valour - as well as factoring in expertise and hp because they REALLY matter and seem to get no part in the team picking process. There is a consistant imbalance in teams where one team is clearly going to win and if I did a screenshot of every pvp match over the next week I am CERTAIN that they would show the top 3rd of the leaderboard dominated by one team only... that is all I will say - you can't swear on these forums so my capacity to express feeling here is limited.


Thanks for reading,


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