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Space PVP.


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Okay now understand I am fully aware space player vs player is coming and will arrive in december. I'm not that oblivious and what I'm suggesting is not Space PVP per say but rather an suggestion/rant about the ship options..


Okay I played every class. Both Factions. Each Ship is cool and awesome in it's own style. The Bounty hunter ship is a bit worn, no frills all business warfare ship. The Imp Agent Ship is sleek Elegant looks Civilian but isn't.


The Smuggler ship is a well built freighter customized to the point even soldiers get jealous of it. Trooper ship clean cut well oiled Military machine.


In all the stories your ship is awesome. It's brag worthy etc. If each of these ships are so great. (Personally I like all of them.) How come we have to use these cannon fodder mass produced fighter ships for? The very same kind of ships that we all shot down thousands of in the space missions.


I like that they're customizable.. But.. Why can't our class ships have the ability to be customized? And used for PVP? I'd love to be in PVP in my mini millennium falcon. And don't you dare say it's not a Mini Millennium Falcon! The description even states it's a predecessor to the Millennium Falcon!


Or at the very least make the use of class ships for Space PVP an option!

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The biggest hang up we have been told about when it comes to customizing our ships is the simply fact that our ship us used in so many conversations..


I am guessing that the cut scenes we watch are build around a preset idea as to what our ships look like.. And then our ships just have to look like that to match.. I don't know but it made since at the time..


I was hoping we would be able to use our class ships in the new space combat thing.. I played the beta for a bit.. The Star fighters are cool.. I am just curious how they are going to explain how we all get them.. Are we just going to buy them or are we going to be recruited into some space military or something.. I don't know.. :)

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