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Best Advanced Classes for Solo?


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Hi everyone,


I was just wondering what the "easiest" advanced classes are in the game for Sith Warrior/Inquisitor, as well as all the Republic classes. I play solo and just do the story missions and sidequests, so PvP is not an issue. I love being able to sneak past enemies as an Operative, which makes the story go a lot quicker (or it seems that way, at least), though my understanding is that other classes (except for Scoundrel?) don't have this ability. Basically, I'm looking for a way to plow through the story/sidequests without getting my *** kicked too often. If you have any suggestions for specs, that would be helpful too. I'm new to these forums so if I created this thread in the wrong place then I apologize. Thanks!

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It all depends what you're good at and no class really outshines the other (though I must say, no easier time for me than with my stealthers (Scoundrel/Operative, Shadow/Assassin.) My 2 cents per class:


Sith Warrior (/Jedi Knight)

Either class will do great. Maurauder has great survivability abilities to make up for the medium armor which they receive early on (especially Cloak of Pain is quite awesome) where-as a Juggernaut has heavy armor. Nothing really sets either of them appart fom solo-play in my book, though I must say Maurauder and Sentinel were extremely easy to level for some reason. For Juggernaut/Guardian I'd recommend Vengeance/Viligance combined with Quinn for the safest experience and for Maurauder/Sentinel I'd recommend Annihilation/Watchman until level 30, from there on any spec performs quite well.


Sith Inquisitor (/Jedi Consular)

Both are amazing classes at solo-play. They both have a 60-second CC (Assassin/Shadows only on fleshy targets) the Assassin/Shadow definitly provides more survivability whilst plowing through mobs with high single target damage (I recommend Deception) where-as a Sorcerer/Sage will be quite squishy but atleast have off-heals, especially Static Barrier/Force Barrier is amazing. For Sorcerer/Sage I highly recommend Lightning/Telekinis, it has high burst and amazing AoE. For both of them I'd recommend a tanking-companion. For Assassin/Shadows so they can easily use Maul/Shadow Strike and for Sorcerers/Sages because they're squishy and suffer a lot from ability-pushback.



I'd say Commando is your safest bet, though both classes do great alone, the Commando wins extra points since it has a 60-second CC. Those things are plain amazing! I'd say either a Tank (again ability pushback, though less over-all) or Healer companion. If you go Commando I'd recommend Assault Specialist until level 45, Gunnery builds up quite slowly and doesn't really get into it until Demolition round is finally acquired, how-ever both specs will do fine. For Vanguard more of the same. Assault Specialist builds up a bit quicker, but Tactics already starts to shine a bit around level 35. Shield Specialist offers the best survivability, but slow kills, meh. :)



You already have an Operative, so maybe try Gunslinger? Gunslingers gave me a very good and fast leveling experience, really enjoyed it. But nothing beats Scoundrel double CC (Droid and Fleshy) and stealth in terms of lowering the risk. :)


Still, no class really has a huge advantage over another. Make sure you play something you'll enjoy. Since all classes are mirrored it might be fun to give all of them a go! (You sound like you do it all for the story, 8 stories, 8 different playstyles = win.)

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Thanks for your suggestions! I decided to stop worrying about what would be quicker and just focus on what seems to be more fun, because honestly, what's the point of playing a game if you're not enjoying it? I started a Juggernaut with the Vengence spec and it's really fun so far, and I'll probably try a Sorcerer next. Thanks!
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