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starting fresh class operative agent


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While leveling I am going to say slicing, scavenging, and archeology. All gathering professions for objects you come across while leveling and all of which allow you the opportunity to take shortcuts for faster FPs (at least in the first few).


The issue I see with crafting and mission skills is that it takes a good while to get a second (third if you count the ship droid) companion to send on those tasks. Price you pay for the best story in the game.

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+1 on Cybertech. You can keep your own Earpieces, Armorings and Mods updates which will be a great help whilst leveling. Grenades are a must for any serious PvP'er (reuseable or not)

A close-second would be Biochem but in PvP that gives you 'just' a reuseable stim which is worse than the prototype version (usually the case with reuseables but grenades usually apply a good effect still and have a longer lock-out.)


Full gathering skills is also a good option just to earn a little pocket-change without much effort/investments except for letting a companion gather. On my server Bioanalysis is a lot better off than Archaeology though in material prices and due to being able to scavenge monsters I tend to take that.


Goodluck and have fun!


PS: Operatives don't really have any great criticals except: Diplomacy (+5 second companion) and Slicing (+2 fifth companion)

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