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eu guild in u,s sever


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im no expert on this, but im thinking putting us, and our aliances who are also u,k in a u,s server to be a bit of a mistake, im not big on moaning, in fact, i think some of the forum comunity moan prety much about anything they can think of, maybe because they enjoy typing,

the down side to this is going to be trying to get a decent harmony in guild, 15 uk lads and ladies, 15 u,s lads and ladys, and expecting them to share humor,

getting the right balance is hard enough, if they have done this on purpose, our jobs as gms has just got alot harder,

no,,, CE shouldnt get ealier access,,

yes they have a right to be angry about the exclusive shop they were prommised,,

origin isnt all that and it isnt allways thier fault,

it is possible to play a new mmo without it having to be better than the last one you played,

yes,, all other classes are over powerd to what your playing, its cuz your crap,

legacy names,, who cares

4 weeks of hate should see all the other mmo players go back to panda hugging.

i have been encouraging my guys to avoid forums and the general ranting, and im unlikely to come back to this post, so feel free to troll it to death,

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