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All The Complaining


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At the moment everyone is whining about how they didn't get in and how Bioware should've let everyone in at once. You know what would've happened if they HAD let everyone in at the same time and you had everyone crowding the early zones at once? Whining about the overcrowding. There will always be people who find something to complain about. I pre-ordered in September, and did I get in today? Nope. Am I gonna complain about it? Nope. I'm going to go out to a club tonight and drink away my sorrows while hitting on hot girls and dancing, which is the PROPER WAY TO DEAL WITH SOMETHING LIKE THIS! I accept that I pre-ordered later than some, I agree with the principal of first come first served and realize I'm not first in line. And while I do think BW could've given a bit more notice about when each individual might get in, whether they do or not is their choice, and I also agree the staggered wave system is their best bet for a smooth early access launch.


The lesson in all this is: the proper response to hardship is not to whine, but to go out clubbing. If you have a girlfriend, take her with you. If you're married, then just get your wife to smack you around a bit like she does every other time you complain about random stuff.

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