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Dark Templar Progression Raid Auditions.


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Greetings Ebon Hawkers,


Dark Templar has recently run into issues with our raid progression roster (OMG an rp guild that pushes content nowai!?). We have lost a couple members of our team as they have grown tired of the game and have thus decided to retire. So, I would like to put a call out to the server, we are seeking two individuals to add to our raid roster as permanent progression raiders. To do this we shall be hosting a series of auditions to find those two individuals that we feel fit our raid group the best.


We are seeking an Assassin Tank to fill our off-tank position and an Annihilation or Carnage Marauder to join our DPS ranks. The auditions will entail running with our current raid roster through Scum and Villainy/Terror From Beyond and possibly Toborro's Courtyard and Explosive Conflict. Obviously if you wish to audition all of these lockouts must be kept free. Auditions will be held starting next week Wednesday, the 21st, and every Saturday and Wednesday following the 21st. If you are interested in scheduling an audition contact either myself (Enalis) or Prilloth, in game mail, tells and messages to me on the forums all work. We will schedule you for either a Wednesday or Saturday raid. Please be online by 8:30 pm EDT and ready to raid by 9:00PM EDT (Bring your own stims/adrenals) Auditions will run until further notice.


Following auditions, call backs will be issued. Keep in mind, if you do not get a call back, this does not mean you are not being considered for a slot, all a call back is, is us wishing to see someone perform again. Following callbacks we will take a week or two to decide upon who we wish to draft for our raid roster, keep in mind we may also recruit potential backups and we are always seeking to add to our role playing ranks.


The following are -Must- have requirements, failure to meet these will result in an automatic dismissal from auditions.


  1. Ventrilo and a working mic
  2. Capability of raiding on Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00pm-11:30pm EDT/EST -Note: Most raids do go over, but this is the mandatory time commitment, after this time any member can request a hard stop.
  3. Darkness Assassin tank with experience up to and including the Story Mode versions of Terror From Beyond and Scum and Villainy.
  4. An Annihilation or Carnage Marauder
  5. At least 16 years of age
  6. Personable, you must be able to work well with our current raid roster, be open to suggestions, and critiques.


The following are preferred traits that will only help you secure a spot upon our roster. Even if you do not meet any of the following, I encourage you to come out and audition regardless, player skill will always win out in the end.



  1. Gear level of Arkainian(162) or hgiher. Fully Augmented with your BiS augment.
  2. A Carnage Marauder
  3. 18 years of age or older.
  4. Hard Mode raiding experience
  5. The MoX or ToRParse, parsers.
  6. Be a role-player, we are after all, a role play guild.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, Enalis, in game or on the forums or the Dark Templar Raid Leader, Prilloth. We look forward to seeing you all in auditions.



Dark Templar Leadership.

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