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Carnage Rotation 2.0


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Hey all, its been a while since ive played swtor, did the PTS and played a long time before hand. Im just looking to perfect the "new" carnage rotation, and I think I may have it here, with proper use of berserk, gores, and ravage. My gear is still all 61/63 mods, as I have only just hit 55 yesterday. so the dps itself is poor, but if yall could take a close look at the rotation I have here and offer any criticism, all is welcome.


If you have personal parses that range over 3k Id ask you to please link so that I can bounce around your files and see what your doing.

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i was playing with the rotation and boosted my dps significantly doing over 2700 consistently with 9 fail mods/enhance, dread guard relics, and lots of lvl 50 augs.


a few tips i picked up on:

real world opener (provided by geese): pre-stack 30 fury, leap, batter, gore, beserk, massacrex3, force scream, gore, ravage, VT, DST.

dummy opener: prestack rage/fury.. proc execute and stop attacking, slaughter must not be proc'd>> berserk, frenzy, bloodthirst, adrenal/relic>start combat< gore, scream, massacrex3, *gore on slaughter proc*, ravage, VT, FS.


Proper use of berserk should be to use it on the next available REGULAR gore rotation, not on slaughter proc-- berserk will carry into the slaughter-gore.

exceptional use of berserk will result in a gore, ravage, VT, FS within one gore frame.


Rupture with 1.5 seconds til gore is available, not recommended on slaughter-gore.


gore frames:

no berserk available:

gore>ravage>scream>*battering*>gore>VT>**next two moves in priority of FS > DST > massacre**

gore>scream>**next two moves in priority of DST>massacre**>*battering*>gore>VT>** next two moves in Priority of FS > DST >massacre**


Beserk available>

gore>beserk>scream>**massacrex2>(DST if execute proc'd//massacre if no execute**>*battering*>gore>ravage>VT>FS

gore>beserk>scream>**next 3 moves in priority of DST>massacre**>*battering*>gore VT>(DST if available & slaughter is proc'd// massacre if not procd or if DST is on CD)>FS.

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