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Stat Priority for Sharpshooter GS


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I've been reading on some posts and some other websites for tips on what stats to stack up the most on.

So far i see....

110% acc

Cunning + power

Surge 75%

Anything else that i need to worry about? I see that critical rating is not important in some posts.


Thanks =)

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Your not gonna have surge over 71% in full 72's unless you want to bork something else.


23 - 24% crit (depending on if you take a 52 mod crit or not)


99.91% acc (using 5 acc and 1 acc aug) - can go for 6 acc slots but then this would put your surge down to around 68% or so.


Figure numbers down for gear not 72, so basically you would run with 68% surge and 6 acc slots for 69 gear.

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