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<Eternal Empire> is recruiting


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The ETERNAL EMPIRE, is an everlasting Imperial Guild that is based in Australia, although a wide array of international members see the brimming potential present in joining the Guild and flock to swell our ranks. We are relaxed and looking for members who want to be involved in a social environment in a thoroughly vast community. Regardless, the pivotal characteristic that defines our search is a willingness and ability to learn and to listen.


We are a moderately sized, but tightly woven collection of players at this time, and are a pseudo-casual and involved guild to advance the Imperial cause:The destruction of the Republic, and the total conquest of the galaxy. Coupled with the dawn of Guild Operations as well as partaking in exhilarating, and particularly rewarding Flashpoint runs and other social activities, the Empire caters for all true Imperials.


The fundamental basis of our marvellous Empire is that if any members have a need for help, it will be given at a moments notice in an extremely efficient, typical Imperial manner. This incredible devotion is what makes the Empire popular among the Imperial people. To further add to the central Imperial theme the Empire is a meritocracy: success is well rewarded and praised and everyone's input is valid. We each share a common purpose, to unite the Empire and destroy our enemies!


However most important of all, we have learnt that the best way to experience the breathtaking view of the Empire is to simply get out there in-game and have the fun and enjoyment that we all crave. Do we not? After all The Republic wont fall on its own will it?


The galaxy shall tremble beneath the might and cunning of the Imperial Armada!


For The Empire


We are currently doing Guild Ops in 8 man mode at the moment but building up to a 16 man mode Guild Ops. We do the Guild Ops on Thursday night at 1930 AEST and on Sunday night at the same time.


We do Hard mode Flashpoints on Wednesday Night at 1930 AEST and when we have enough members at anytime as well.


Please go to our Website to apply to join our Guild : http://eternalempire1.enjin.com



The Guild Administrator

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Hi, I was wondering about this guild; since I use to be in a guild myself and I don't quite remember the name of it. Did you ever have someone by the name of Zagela in your guild? Edited by Joseph-Dark
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