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X-Raided recruiting for End Game


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NAME: X-Raided


DESTINATION: The Shadowlands


CIRCA: 2012

OPS ASSIGNMENTS: Six, 8-man Ops groups

WEBSITE: x-raided.net




Nim TFB 1/5

Nim SV 1/7

HM TFB 5/5

HM SV 7/7


Who is X-Raided?

X-Raided is a Progressive PVE/PVP guild. We are located on the Shadowlands server with a broad range of offerings to our members. We offer a fun atmosphere in guild chat as well as in vent. Our members are helpful to the core. If you have a question about anything pertaining to the game, there is sure to be someone on who can answer that question. Our members come from different backgrounds, but do realize at one point they too were in your same position.

We attempt to offer a drama free environment, but understand this is an MMO with different walks of life, nothing is ever easy while playing online. Our council of officers do their best to keep everything balanced. We have fun and joke around, but when it comes to raiding and or PVP, the tone does change to make sure the Raid leader or PVP leader has control over the situation.


What background does X-Raided originate?

As diverse as most games are, so are its members. Most of our members come from progressive guilds in such games as World of Warcraft, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies and Guild Wars. So we do have experience when it comes to raiding and organizing mass groups for end game content.


We at one point had a core founding group that made up X-Raided back in the early part of 2012. Now some of those members moved on, but the core ideas are still the foundation of the guild. We survived basically 2 server merges and still hold our guild as one of the top Imperial Guilds on The Shadowlands. So if you join us, we expect you hold the guild as high as they did.


What does X-Raided provide to it's members?

Diverse and widespread gaming knowledge and years of experience

Weekly scheduled raiding and PvP Nights

Informative Website

Vent Server

Dredemas' Vast knowledge of the game

10 Stack Dreadtooth Downed pre 2.0

Dreadful Entity Downed pre 2.0


X-Raided Council will answer any questions you are curious about. Below is a list of their “mains”:

Azaiela, Dravyn, Fissh, Zee'ko, Deason, Sleik, Alanasnow and Nev'ara


We are currently seeking a Geared Jugg Tank for HM/NIm Content. Knowledge of fights and class a must. We are also looking for a Geared and knowledgeable Sniper as well. Raid Days and Times are T/W 8-11pm EST

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