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Shipboard Companion Gifts


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At the Cantina Tour event in San Diego recently, one of the questions that got asked was whether being able to give gifts to your companions while on board your ship was being worked on; the answer we got was that it was being looked into, but that it was a 'difficult' problem because when you're aboard your ship, you don't have a single companion, they're all there, so there wasn't any way to tell who you were giving the gift to.


It occurred to me last night that the game already has a mechanism that addresses this problem. When your inventory is open and you right-click on a piece of gear -- armor, weapon, offhand, implant, earpiece -- it either goes into (if empty) or swaps with the item in the appropriate slot on your character. If you have the character window open and a companion selected, the game recognizes that the gear limits for the items in your inventory are different (i.e., with a Sith Inquisitor, if the character window is showing the character, only Light armor items are lit, but if the character window is showing Khem Val, Medium and Heavy armor items are lit as well), and right-clicking on an item will put it into the selected companion's gear slot.


Clearly, selecting a companion in the character window is sufficient for the game to recognize what character to send gear to when you equip it, so why shouldn't the game also recognize the same companion selection for using a companion gift? Right-clicking on a companion gift item while a companion is selected in an open character window should give the item to the selected companion, the same way that right-clicking on a gear item while a companion is selected in an open character window equips that companion with the item.

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