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Light vs Dark side stories


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Light vs Dark side stories


This suggestion involves using the Light/Dark side alignment to provide alignment related quests. Completion of the quest can affect alignment and/or award light/dark side gear.


The alignment quest is randomly dropped during regular quests, excluding flashpoints and operations or received in mail. To accept the quest, the player clicks on the quest icon that looks like a schematic and the quest is added to the quest log. Alignment quests won't drop for those whose alignment is not overwhelmingly light or dark. The threshold could be set to a minimum of Light II or Dark II.


Choices made in the alignment quest effect a character's light side/dark side rating. If alignment related gear is allowed to drop, LS/DS III or greater is required.


When an alignment crosses over a certain threshold, say LS/DS IV, the character can be allowed to change allegiance, ie, from Imperial to Republic or Republic to Imperial. Classes that completely cross over will count as being the equivalent class for the purpose of content, quests and equipment. i.e. A jedi knight who joined the empire would count as being a sith warrior. To cross over, a specific cross-over quest may be required so that the player doesn't flip-flop between allegiance too soon.


The alignment quest a player can get will be class specific and also relevant to their current allegiance. The quest could provide the reason why the character changed, i.e. how it came about that a trooper deserted the republic army or how a smuggler was recruited to work as an imperial agent etc.


Additionally, alignment could be used as a requirement to join other allegiance types, such as Outlaws and Deserters. So instead of 2 current types, Imperial and Republic, there would be 4 types: Imperial, Outlaws, Deserters, Republic. The minimum threshold to switch to Outlaw or Deserter could be LS/DS I or less. The main difference in play is that Outlaws and Deserters aren't restricted to Imperial or Republic controlled areas and can travel to either one. However, they can't get access to any class story missions.


In PvP servers, Outlaws and Deserters can also get spontaneously attacked by NPC groups or players that either oppose or prey upon on them, i.e. local law enforcement may recognize an Outlaw and attack while republic troops may attack Deserters.


Outlaws may join empire guilds and Deserters may join republic guilds. Outlaws can also create their own outlaw guilds which can act as either an ally or enemy to republic or empire guilds.

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