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French servers slowly dying


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I'm Playing on the French server Mantle Of The Force. And it is slowly dying. :eek:


There are actually between 1 and 3 guilds playing 16 HM/NIM, among which mine (Guild Of Renegades). The average skill on this PVE server seems pretty low compared to the main US servers. Recruiting good players is getting harder and harder, since the best of us start leaving for other servers, (sometimes foreign ones, despite the language gap).

I assume it is time to gather all 3 French servers if it is technically possible. Now that BW developped its multi-mapping tool, it should be easier to implement. :rolleyes:

Otherwise, many player won't have the opportunity to explore the latest HL PVE content, and they might quit.


There is no community manager on French and German servers. We need your report to the developpers, please ;)


PS : if it might 'elp, i can trrry speaking wiz my frrrench accent to catch yourrr attention :rak_03:

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