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Add new LOCK ITEM feature


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I know it's "my fault", but my mistake caused me to think of a way to protect me from myself, via an item locking feature. I accidentally reverse engineered my good vibroknife, when I was reverse engineering vibroknives for MK-9 components. It cost me a bunch of pvp matches to replace, and then Just 100k+ to re-augment, so it wasn't the end of the world, but it was annoying nonetheless.


I can see a couple of potential fixes:


1) auto lock on bind, and a prompt says, "Are you sure?" only when Reing something that is bound.

2) manual lock at any time, and then manual unlock. The idea being you click "something" and lock an item, and then it's impossible to unlock the item, without clicking said button/check box a second time. Similar to the mechanic for locking tool bars.

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